Obedience Training & Show Handling Classes

Obedience Training Classes

Members of the CDKC believe that obedience training is important to having a well behaved dog. The club offers Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions of Obedience classes which run from Puppy Kindergarten to advanced trial training. 

Our instructors participate in CKC trials, obedience seminars, sanction matches and fun matches in the Ottawa and Monteal regions. The club offers all levels form Puppy kindegarten to Utility. Advanced Beginner, Beginner and Puppy kindergarten classes are offered Saturday mornings.  We hope to be offering competitive obedience classes very soon. There are 2 instructors: 
  • Debbie Bourbonnais teaches Puppy kindergarten classes on Saturday mornings. 
  • Glen Schierz teachs Beginner and Advanced Beginner Classes on Saturday mornings. 
Puppy Kindergarten is for young puppies between 3 to 6 months of age. Puppies are exposed to a wide variety of objects, sounds and activities as well as being socialized with other puppies and people. The basic commands: sit, heel, come and down are taught in a supportive environment with all dogs on leash. 

Beginners and Advanced Beginners are for more mature dogs and teach basic commands. Advanced Beginners should be able to complete the requirements of the CKC Canine Good Neighbour test after completing the classes. 
To register for the dog obedience classes, or for more information, please contact: 
Glen Schierz Obedience Director
(613) 362-7446

  • New students must download and complete the Registration form prior to registration. 
  • Payment by cash or cheque at registration for new students or at first class for returning students. All students must bring their dog's proof of vaccination or proof of titer. 
  • Cost is $100.00 for six classes for Puppy Kindergarten, Beginner and Advanced Beginner classes. 

Debbie Bourbonnais

Dogs have been a large part of my life for the past 46 years. I started to seriously train and compete in 1993 in Canadian and American Dog Shows. Some of my dogs and I have achieved the #1 place within their breed and within their group according to the CKC and AKC point system. I currently own and train a Standard Schnauzer and a Long Coated Chihuahua. To expand my knowledge of dogs and training I have attended numerous seminars and workshops over the years and am still an active participant in anything to further my education on dog related subjects. I am looking forward to additional teaching experiences with The Cornwall Kennel Club and am anxious to share my love and respect for all that is Canine.

Glen Schierz

I have been obedience training and competing with my dogs since 2008. I have had dogs that have won several titles in rally obedience and one that was a Saint John's Ambulance therapy dog. I have worked with several different trainers and continue to train and assist other trainers whenever possible. I have and continue to attend different training seminars in order to continually expand my training experience and keep up-to-date with new techniques. The more you interact positively with your dog, the stronger the bond gets between the two of you. I train using positive motivation and reinforcement with treats and or toys, clicker training and relationship-based training. my motivation is the fun both dog and owner can have while creating a stronger bond during the training process. Training really can be fun. I currently instruct classes in beginner and advanced beginner obedience. I share my home with two Rottweilers, a Siberian Husky and a cat.

Show Handling Classes

For information regarding conformation classes, please contact: 

Debbie Cutler Conformation Director
(613) 330-6902

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