Obedience Training & Show Handling Classes

Obedience Training Classes

Due to Covid-19, all Training Classes are CANCELLED until further notice here on this website.

Debbie Bourbonnais

Dogs have been a large part of my life for the past 46 years. I started to seriously train and compete in 1993 in Canadian and American Dog Shows. Some of my dogs and I have achieved the #1 place within their breed and within their group according to the CKC and AKC point system. I currently own and train a Standard Schnauzer and a Long Coated Chihuahua. To expand my knowledge of dogs and training I have attended numerous seminars and workshops over the years and am still an active participant in anything to further my education on dog related subjects. I am looking forward to additional teaching experiences with The Cornwall Kennel Club and am anxious to share my love and respect for all that is Canine.

Aileen Murray

I grew up as an avid animal lover and as soon as our family moved to a house the first thing I did was push for a dog. In the mid-80's I joined the CKC and our local all-breed club (Hochelaga Kennel Club) and sat in on classes months before I got my first purebred dog. I have had some wonderful teachers along the way and have tried to incorporate many of their training methods in my own process. I attend as many workshops and seminars as I can manage, including field, trick dog, clicker and agility seminars. I admit I only dabble in a few of those as my heart is firmly rooted in the obedience, rally and conformation rings. I assisted in obedience classes, rally practice sessions and ran sanction matches for obedience back in the days when we could take over a mall. I was also chief obedience steward at the HKC and SD&G shows for a few years. I, along with my sister Rhona, put Championships, CD's, CDX's, OTCH's, RE's, WC's and a WCI, JH as well as a MOTCH on the dogs we have bred under the Albanor name. I now judge Rally on a limited basis, continue to train my own dogs and still enjoy every moment of it. I love watching people and their canine companions learn the steps to the partnership "dance" that is the basis for a satisfying performance no matter the venue, be it in a ring or at home.

Show Handling Classes

For information regarding conformation classes, please contact: 

Debbie Cutler Conformation Director
(613) 330-6902