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Cornwall District Kennel Club

P.O. Box 416
Cornwall, Ontario, K6H 5T1

Phone: +1.613-931-1788

Cornwall District Kennel Club
Board of Directors
1 January 2017 to 31 December 2018

Mike Lanctot 
Tel: 613-931-1788 

Vice President:
Kate Darbyshire 
Tel: 613-488-3266 
Lyne Lapalme 
Tel: 613-327-7694 

Mary Ducross 
Tel: 613-527-5555 

Membership and Communications Director: 
Bob Kikkert 
Tel: 613-938-0953 

Obedience Director:
Glen Schierz 
Tel: 613-362-7446 

Conformation Director: 
Debbie Cutler 
Tel: 613-330-6902 

Past President 
Gerry Desjardins 
Tel: 613-931-3804 
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